Saturday, February 3, 2018

1449 Blimp ongoing drama.

Yeah, sometimes an obsession makes no sense.  I mean, I have no plan or desire to electrify my layout with overhead, but I just needed a Blimp Box Cab.  It'll look so cool pulling a couple outside braced boxcars and a shorty caboose around the layout no matter.  I have pics of these lashed up to SW1's in the lead so I guess I could consist that way and call it good.  Until I get that far I still have to get this thing running.  I picked up the Brass Sydam Model for $50.00 at a local show and I think I've lost $100 messing around with it.  I've come up with a nifty way to retro fit an old Athearn motor with some Proto West universals, but the weak link is the crappy spring drive.  I'm faced with retooling the truck for more conventional drive or bite the bullet and get a Stanton Drive or something from Hollywood foundry.

So here we much to do.  The original kit was for the SP Electrified Line in Portland so it had all sorts of do-dads that had to come off, and other to be made. Roof walk, trolly poles, ladders, vents, bells, more bent wire and a new paint job.  Like I said the awful part of this model is the drive system and I can now understand why every time I see a trolly layout with cars dashing around at break neck speed I understand why...that drive only works in Warp.

Stay tuned.

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  1. I have a pair of K-Line Blimp Interurban cars that I just got.