Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Scanning the PE Roster for Reference

PE 1647 Near Reality.

Good News! Modeling a short spur of a larger railroad is generally not much of a problem. Common equipment may have flowed on and off the line depending on need. On the Orphan Spur two switchers were used, the 44-Tonner which can be modeled using the new Bachmann model in both HO or N scale, and the Plymouth 35 ton switcher that has been difficult to model. In N scale we have the old Bachmann Plymouth but has the bulky look and can be modified for the part. In HO the same model was available, but given the size, a real stretch to make into an acceptable version. I attended the latest National Train show and got to see up front the new Broadway Limited Plymouth 35 ton switcher and it is very close to the elusive PE 1647 that was used on the spur during the time I am modeling. Here's a shot of the model. The are producing it in just about very scheme possible save PE of course! No problem. Micro Scale Decal sheet 87-590 has all the bits and pieces you need to model the engine.
Here are a few shots of 1647 in action on the turn I am modeling.
You can see some of the differences, but given the proto and my unwillingness to spend a lot of time counting rivets, this will work out just fine. It has the wheel set and the look for a good enough sample of the real thing. So far I haven't found shots of the rear end of the engine, hoping it has the broad window glass of the proto. Edit, here is a shot of the rear of the model...not as open as the proto...I may need to address this.