Friday, April 10, 2015

Moving the Ponies

I've been away taking care of side projects and also taking time to think about the next module. In some ways the corner piece sorta blocked me in a bit having wanted to have something more there. I have been working on a few sketches that will give me a bit more room. Adding 6" to the short side will push the layout a bit from the wall and give me another parallel track for livestock loading. I didn't want any more behind the orange grove, so this seems the best solution. I've ordered a few ATSF style Cattle Cars and began cutting parts for a portable loading ramp. With the weather closing in a bit this weekend, I want to push forward with another project:
I scored a bunch of old Athearn Baggage cars and now have enough plastic to do some cutting and stitching. Lots of history with these cars and given the era I model, these were most likely used to transport cars or freight. Regardless it ought to be an interesting car to add to my slowly growing Head End collection.
Sorry for the huge image :)
Good info on line and in the Santa Fe Head End Car book with drawings of the Pullman Standard model