Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back on the job

I seem to be spending more time thinking about additions to Bruce Petty's layout and the local HO club than pushing along my own.  I think it's avoidance behavior oweing to the fact that I can't seem to settle on what direction to go in. Here is the latest for the Burbank Branch.

Bruce is all about old boilers and from time to time is called in to repair some spooky antiques still providing hot water and power around the Mt Shasta area.  So I thought, while not an LA proto, would be a nice flat to add and also to thank him for all his support and help. 

I also took some time to work on a scenic these old stationary engines.  This is a Fairbanks Morse unit and could be found in factories or in fields pumping water.  Made the patterns, molds and castings so I could use a few here and there to take up some space.  I gave Bruce one and some extra parts to include with the Petty Boiler Works.  I thought about taking some down to the HO club here but they are pretty tight about what can or cannot go on it...if it wasn't in the Rogue Valley in 1987, it ain't going on the layout. :o)