Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I've been spending time looking at my fleet and deciding what and how much I need to effectively pull off the feel of the Spur. A smattering of boxcars, gons, flats and tanks with the largest number going to Reefers is what I need. I think I have most covered, but not a Reefer in sight. I'm considering going with some of the resin options out there for a unique look and cars that were prototypical for the era. In the mean time, I continue to add tank cars to the box.
This is one of the new releases by Walthers that I stripped and created new decals for. It is busy to say the least and will stand out in a string of oil cans. I have some silvering issues with the decals and will attack that this weekend. I also just picked up the 10,000 gallon tank car from Inter mountain and really like the detail. More on that later.