Friday, May 29, 2015


Back at it this weekend thinking about adopting a simplified shelf layout. I've been tapping at different module designs and the like and the last corner module seems to be working for me, at least for a photo prop. I'm looking at building a base with a simple backdrop with lights attached for shooting rolling stock and engines as they get finished. In doing research I went to the trusty 1953 ORER and scanned the Pacific Electric page as a reference. Using this I was able to go through my rolling stock and pull out the stuff I have no use for and will sell to fund a few more appropriate purchases. Bruce Petty of the famed Burbank Branch Layout donated a half model of the packing house at the end of the Orphan Branch Turn just off the Brand Avenue interchange. I think this is the motivation I need to keep moving forward. Attached is the ORER page for reference.