Sunday, January 31, 2016

Thirty two inches of freight house

So I have the left end of the switching layout roughed out and today I turned my attention to the right side.  I needed to both create multiple freight destinations and fill up some wall space and o finally had the opportunity to get "large". I also decided to go about retro and made the whole thing out of card and poster stock.   I started doing models for my GI Joes out of Kentucky Fried chicken buckets and old C Rat boxes my dad brought home.  This was a bit more sophisticated but the tactile pleasure of working with card stock was just as satisfying. 

The warehouse is generic but has a SoCal feel to it and I started with .06 Strathmore for the structure and other thicknesses of Bristol Board for layers and detail.  The roof was art downloaded from Scale Scenes and printed on heavy matt card using the photo setting on the printer.  Great stuff.  So one the two sections were put together I sprayed them inside and out with auto primer to seal from moisture left to dry and then painted white.  
Card models before painting.  
Just primed and set aside to dry 
Color layers and weathering.  I used masking tape on the painted surface to chip and pull up the paint.  You have to do this befor the paint sets. 

Lastly I addressed the end of the module with a bridge over the tracks.  The back wall under the bridge will be fitted with black card stock to mask the end.  The bridge will have a road and sit a flat building to help get rid of the rush of the road as well 

With the large we also need the small.  Here is a small yard structure made from card stock and Grandt line castings.  

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  1. I love both the freight house and yard office, Joe. I haven't built with strathmore board for a while; I switched over to styrene a while back and never got back into paper. Your models remind me how strathmore board can make some beautiful models with a bit of texture and the right printed and cast details.