Monday, November 16, 2015

Vehicles Finally

Mini Metals 60's Ford Pickup detailed and decorated for one of the smaller lumber companies that provided wood for the two Box Manufacturers on the Orphan Branch.  I took the truck apart and replaced the wheels and tires from a HO Jeep Pickup model I had in surplus.  Really fills out the wells. Next I gave the parts a knock down using super thin Tamiya light tan paint and then overcoated with light rust on the roof and the hood.  Next I used the same Tamiya Hull Red paint for the rust details on the lower edges of the body and then added some streaking.  The front grill, bumper were painted white and then washed with thin black as was the inside of the bed.  Decals were made on my ALPS printer and applied BEFORE I did any washes or weathering.  I'll be adding some pallets and bits and pieces of wood to finish it off.  This truck is a bit weathered given the time period I am modeling, but it's a lot more interesting then one straight out of the box.
I just picked up a few Mini Metals Bus models and will mark those up with a little weathering.

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