Monday, November 9, 2015

A little more info on Tank Cars

So in my last post I talked about the tank cars used for water service at Arrowhead.  I have been contacted by a fellow modeler who may have drawings I can use of the flat with a single tank fitted version seen during the 30's - 50's.  Hopefully I will have those to post at some point.  In the mean time, what looks to be an easy project involves combining a 40' flat car with stake pockets removed and a 8-10,000 gallon tank mounted on top.  PE fielded tank cars and at the moment I am not sure how many of what they had.  This photo is a great illustration of this project:

Granted, this photo makes it look like a longer car, but according to the ORER's of the era as late as 1956 list the flats as being 42' long and have an extreme height of 12'9".  Both Tyco and Athearn both make cars that would be a good starting point, dressed up with some Tichy Train Group details and a Lifelike/Proto 10,000 gallon tank car for the load.  You will need to shorten the dome and add a few vent details but when finished, will make an interesting car.  Colors are anyone's guess but I have a few resources to check out.  I figure the car is either black or a standard red/brown, lower section of the tank black and the upper silver.  Lettering would probably be black.

ORER notes the series runs from 7314 to 7319 by 1956 most likely more early in the 20th Century.

Here is a shot late in tank car water service; a single tank car being pulled by an SW switcher making for a nice short consist for space challenged layouts.

Here is an update:  Reviewed the 1926 and 1938 ORER and came up with this additional Information.

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  1. Great photo. Any more photos of these cars and the different sign writing, markings etc
    Charles Harris