Tuesday, November 10, 2015

And Even more on PE Tankcars

So, this series of Tank Cars are what I am looking for.  Built on the Southern Pacific F50-4 flat car, you can see in this image that this could be a pretty straight forward build if you had a lot of spare parts.  I'll be digging through my stash to see if I have the components to bash this up.  As a starting point I think the easiest way to go is to use the Tichey Train Group 40' Flat Car with some additional details, namely the wood bracing between the stake pockets that can be simulated using Evergreen Polystyrene strips.  Deck will need to be sectioned on the ends and new supports built.  I looks as though a 10,000 Gallon tank car cut down in length will work for the tank.  Difficult parts will be the strapping, walk supports and of course the handrails and handrail stanchions.  I figure painting will be the easiest part. 
Tichey Flatcar 
Tichey Tank Car

For the Tank, again turning to the PE Modelers best friend, Tichey makes a nice kit that has the parts you need, but two will be required.  Hopefully you can buy sprue's of the parts and not have to give up a whole tank car just for tie downs and stanchions.  More on that later.   If done right this car will be a nice addition to a standard consist, mixing in a few ACF 8,000 Gal Tank cars in for later service.  The included photo was shot in 1941 so they may have lasted into the 50's...well, at least on my railroad they will.  This is too good a shot of a car necessary to at least not try and capture.

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