Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Finally got some time off and at the Oregon Coast a few miles from here.  I was going through my camera and had some more images of the work so far on the Chatsworth Spur.  I extended the pavement around to what will be the front of the building for parking and loading.  Again, taped off the area, smoothed on some plaster tinted with concrete dye, sanded and distressed.  I sealed the plaster with flat lacquer spray and then airbrushed a medium tan to blend.  Once dry I did some washes and oversprays to highlight everything.  Next, the Sunkist Building when I get back home and work on the 6' extension on the with the runaround as shown in the drawings.  I ordered a few Walther's switches for the rest of the layout before I left since Atlas won't be able to restock theirs till the end of the year it looks like. 

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