Sunday, June 2, 2013

Jim Lancaster, who created the definitive Southern California Citrus Industry website sent along this link of some overhead shots of the general area being modeled. Thanks Jim!! Area photos of Chatsworth Spur

Today I let the base settle and work on the buildings...The plan is to cut the end of the Sunkist building to match the back edge of the module and finish out with paint and detail.  The wood structure across the tracks will be removable so I can get access to photograph.  I am using my camera to construct the scenes here so I don't have to do digital gymnastics to get shots going forward.  Read any John Olson article in the railroad press and you can see how effective displaying modeling in a compressed area can be achieved when you do the work up front.  John's seminal work on the Mescal Lines and the Jerome and Southwestern are inspirational.

Also...thanks to Jim I have a better overall view of the Sunkist building and will be redoing it this morning.  Too many windows and I think a bit too tall.  You can't underestimate the value of distance shots of an area to model.  Another challenge will be getting that huge tree in the front corner of the building modeled...that will need to be removable as well.

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