Monday, December 30, 2013

Been forever since I posted...holidays with my family is an endurance match trying to coral everyone. Made it through safely and have been working on a few out buildings for the field near the turn past the spur. These are not proto, but I needed to just flex my creative muscles a bit and whether or not they make it on the final layout is still up for discussion. Did get the Walthers S2 switcher and got a decoder set up for it. I was able to pull a lot of heavy GS gons at the show last month so in my book it's a winner. These are all scratchbuilt out of 1/32 ply, card stock and Grandt Line Windows and Doors. The Feed Store and the Yardmaster's office came photo's I saw on line...I think the Yardmaster's may have been in an old MR as well. The old pump house is based on a still from my favorite movie, East of Eden. (die hard Steinbeck Fan) I did it without the water tanks and in stead turned it into a Hollywood deck and add a little tongue and cheek to the scene. I also broke down and spent the Christmas money I gave myself :) and picked up a couple of 36x80 Hollow Core Doors so I could start modeling scenes properly. The spur I showed earlier was too abrupt and was missing what I felt were essential details and space to execute them. I have been working under the idea that I could compress things and get away with it, but the two spurs and the SP interchange are a wealth of interesting and area specific details that were too important to miss. Plans now are to take over one of the garages here where I live and start setting things up with more room so I can begin operations in the Spring. Point to point I can have almost 50' of track to run on between three detailed modules. If I pull this off...

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