Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Here is a rough schematic view of the parts that have been built and tracked.  These were done several months ago, just got them out of storage and will be working on them in between pressing side jobs.  What isn't included in the original plan was the Signal Oil Depot, but I thought the splash of yellow and black was too cool to pass up.  The Chatsworth Spur measures 4'x 3' and the Run Around is 14"x6'.  All the straight tiles will be this dimension going forward.  I was going to just force track centers to mid point on the flat, but that limits what I can do.  Besides, I don't see the need to mix up the tiles in the future.  The Staging yard will be a clip on piece and not landscaped...but painted all black to make it less obvious at shows.  This piece will be 4' long.

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